Meet Meghan

Meghan Seymour has had a passion for organization and the space around her since she was a child, growing up in D.C. When her grandfather passed away, her mother became afflicted, expressing her grief by hoarding. Meghan grew up in a house of possessions she learned to navigate with ease, by separating emotional space from physical space, like a puzzle.

Meghan attended university in Maryland, before moving to Chicago, working as an Assistant General Manager in the service industry. Requiring a fine attention to detail and working closely with others helped her hone in on her innate talent and delight of mastering organization on multiple levels. Between managing and biking the city, colleagues & friends were hiring her to help organize their spaces.

In 2017, Meghan moved to Portland with her husband and daughter. With a lifetime of experience she is excited about this new endeavor, Seymour Space, working to build it from the ground up!

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