SERVICES ~ let’s make a plan for you and your space



We want you to feel comfortable about your space and us in it! We offer a free 30min in-person or phone consultation to ease any worries or fears & answer any questions you may have. We will discuss our process, the scope of your project and how we can help. We want residential organizing to be accessible and achievable for everyone’s budget!


We begin with a walk through of your home, examining your space. We will explore where & what the challenges are in your home, what inspires you and how you envision your space to be and/or feel. We will create a simple game plan specifically designed for you, estimated timeline & cost to maximize your space and honor your lifestyle.


We dive into action, working to reclaim your space. Items will be divided into keep, donate and maybe categories. Items for donation will be given to charity of choice & waste recycled or composted. It will be important to clean & tidy up as we work, enabling us to visually see the area open up, the energy of the space change, invigorating us to continue. There may occasionally be instances when simply reorganizing items and spaces can enhance the home while still feeling the benefits of change.


We will create an easy plan of attack for keeping your space clear and clutter free, sharing insight and techniques for long term success in maintaining your space. You will be left with new problem-solving skills set with the confidence to tackle any future projects that pop up in or around your home!

**20% discount for students, teachers, United States Armed Forces & active members of law enforcement**

RESIDENTIAL ORGANIZING: Space Planning, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Closets, Kids Space, Garage, Financial Organization, Home Office, Paper Management
ESTATE TRANSITIONS: Preparing Your Home to Sell, Space Planning for Staging, Packing/Unpacking Home, Downsizing Seniors Into Alternative Living Accommodations, Preparing Home For Arrival of Aging Parents, Families Experiencing Death & Post Bereavement Needs.