Working with Meghan is a transformative experience. What I love most about her method is how she’s able to reimagine underutilized pieces you already own in to better organize and decorate. She helped me realize that I didn’t need to purchase anything new to make my home feel sane again, which ultimately kept the cost down. She has a creative eye to execute a vision that transforms the space and respects your personal aesthetic, while staying motivated throughout each task. I highly recommend Meghan to anyone that wants to feel less anxious about all the “things” that clutter our family homes.
— Becky Levitt

Happy Clients


Meghan was great, motivating and always ready to get it done! High energy everyday, and positive with the on the nose humor! I‘m sure I’d have gotten it done eventually, but Meghan made it effortless, graceful and filled the situation with ease.  Her can do attitude, her spot on sense of humor, brought levity and joy to my goals.  I’m very grateful she got involved to move and free me from things I no longer needed in my life.

— Frank Sipos

During a difficult time in my life, feeling overwhelmed at closing a 10yr business & my art studio, a space nearly 2,000 sq feet filled with tons of stuff. Literally tons of stuff. I had already spent 10 months clearing, removing quite a lot, but plateaued at my ability to continue to reach my goal. I was fortunate the universe brought Meghan to me to help finish the task. She was full of fresh & creative energy to tackle this with to get to the next step.

Clearing the space, fitting the remains into a 10x20’ storage unit was a miracle. It created a period where I could relax and catch my breath to prepare for the next step. None of this was possible without Meghan’s ability to clear the energy around attachment to stuff that kept me stuck with the heaviness to this situation. Working with Meghan, was like working with a life and motivational coach - someone of her best skills and talent!

— Shiva Anand

After my husband died, I needed help organizing my house...and my life. Meghan came over and we went room by room where she helped me sort my things into keep, donate, and trash piles. Then she focused her energy on finding the perfect places for the remaining items in my house so that everything looked tidy and uncluttered. I am so grateful to Meghan for helping me get my house under control. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I feel so much more calm and peaceful in my space.

— Terra DeLorme